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Friday, October 11, 2013

Stand There Until You're Sober: Session 13

Artist ~ Song

They Might Be Giants ~ Your Racist Friend
NOFX ~ The Separation Of Church And Skate
Anti-Flag ~ Turncoat
Good Riddance ~ Regret
Descendants ~ Sick-O-Me
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ King Of Minneapolis, Pts. III & IV
None More Black ~ The Ratio Of People To Cake
MXPX ~ Lonesome Town
Against Me! ~ Miami
Dead To Me ~ A Day Without A War
Brand New ~ Jude Law And A Semester Abroad
The Menzingers ~ Sunday Morning
Butthole Surfers ~ Thermador
The Casualties ~ Punk Rock Love
The Clash ~ Time Is Tight
The Sex Pistols ~ Holidays In The Sun
The Slackers ~ The Education Song
The Thermals ~ Back To Gray
Dillinger Four ~ Fire-Side Chat
The Black Pacific ~ Kill Your Idols
Kill Your Idols ~ Another Great Start To A Miserable Day
Avoid One Thing ~ Armbands And Braids
Hüsker Dü ~ Push The Button
Nerf Herder ~ Easy Mark
Automatic 7 ~ '98
Black Flag ~ Black Coffee
The Adicts ~ Rockers In Rags
Lagwagon ~ Everything Turns Grey
The Flatliners ~ Mastering The World's Smallest Violin
Rise Against ~ The First Drop
Go Betty Go ~ Crumbling Down
Title Fight ~ Symmetry
Bad Religion ~ The Quickening
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ Get Warmer
Paul Baribeau ~ Ten Things
Gogol Bordello ~ Think Locally Fuck Globally
The Dresden Dolls ~ Girl Anachronism
Against Me! ~ Sink, Florida, Sink
The Draft ~ Lo Zee Rose
No Use For A Name ~ Sidewalk
The Bodies ~ Justice
Swiz ~ Stone
Kill Your Idols ~ Madly
Good Riddance ~ Queen & John
Descendants ~ Kabuki Girl
Suicide Machines ~ Split The Time
Mustard Plug ~ Safe
Big D And The Kids Table ~ Born On The Edge
Buck-O-Nine ~ Split
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ My Response To An Article Written In Alternative Press
Swingin' Utters ~ Five Lessons Learned
Circle Jerks ~ 86'd (Good As Gone)
Strung Out ~ Too Close To See
Jawbreaker ~ Do You Still Hate Me?
Sick Of It All ~ Hindsight
Pennywise ~ Killing Time
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ Struggler

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Played All My Favorite Records But No One's Getting Down

Artist ~ Song

Ben Folds Five ~ Theme From "Dr. Pyser"
Kings Of Leon ~ Velvet Snow
The Pack A.D. ~ Gold Rush
The Raconteurs ~ Hands
Caribou ~ Sandy
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele ~ You Can't Force A Dance Party
Young The Giant ~ My Body
Spoon ~ The Underdog
The Decemberists ~ The Engine Driver
Mother Mother ~ Ghosting
The Dodos ~ Ashley
Grizzly Bear ~ Fine For Now
Belle & Sebastian ~ Lord Anthony
Pavement ~ Cut Your Hair
Via Audio ~ Wanted
Feist ~ Comfort Me
Fleet Foxes ~ Blue Ridge Mountains
First Aid Kit ~ Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Sufjan Stevens ~ Chicago (Adult Contemporary Easy Listening Version)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ Warrior
The Shins ~ Turn A Square
Tap Tap ~ I Am A Kite
Rilo Kiley ~ The Execution Of All Things
The Pixies ~ Hey
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ Wednesday Night Drinkball
The Unicorns ~ I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Girls ~ Lust For Life
The Black Keys ~ If You See Me
Jeff Buckley ~ Grace
David Bowie ~ Queen Bitch
The Who ~ The Good's Gone
Led Zeppelin ~ The Rain Song
Fleetwood Mac ~ You Make Loving Fun
The Doors ~ Love Her Madly
Elton John ~ Indian Sunset
Blood, Sweat And Tears ~ He's A Runner
Clifford Brown & Max Roach ~ Stompin' At The Savoy
Art Blakey ~ Blue Lace
Lee Morgan ~ Gaza Strip
Miles Davis ~ Blue In Green

Friday, October 4, 2013

Stand There Until You're Sober: Session 12

Artist ~ Song

Buck-O-Nine feat. Agent Orange ~ Miserlou
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ Bomb The Music Industry! (And Action Action) (And Refused) (And Born Against) Are Fucking Dead
The Suicide Machines ~ Burning In The Aftermath]
Hard-Ons ~ Crazy Crazy Eyes
The Unseen ~ On The Other Side
Brand New ~ Sink
None More Black ~ My Wallpaper Looks Like Paint
Rancid ~ Moron Bros.
Descendants ~ Everything Sux
Dillinger Four ~ Folk Song
The Thermals ~ I Know The Pattern
The White Stripes ~ Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine
Good Riddance ~ Grand Standing From The Cheap Seats
Full ~ The "P" Word
NOFX ~ I'm The One
Rise Against ~ The Dirt Whispered
Rufio ~ Dipshit
Alkaline Trio ~ Mr. Chainsaw
Against Me! ~ Sink, Florida, Sink
Hidden In Plain View ~ Bleed For You
Hot Water Music ~ Ebb And Flow
The Briefs ~ Poor And Weird
Nerf Herder ~ Easy Mark
The Horrors ~ Sheena Is A Parasite
New Mexican Disaster Squad ~ Sexual Fantasies
The Fumes ~ Alcoholiday
Nomeansno ~ Kill Everyone Now
Swiz ~ Stone
Strike Anywhere ~ Hollywood Cemetery
The God Awfuls ~ Bullets & Batons
The Flipsides ~ Punk Underwood
The Finger ~ No Slaves
Strung Out ~ Mind Of My Own
The Explosion ~ Filthy Insane
Avail ~ "New Song"
Rich Kids On LSD ~ Hangover
Kill Your Idols ~ I Told You So
Automatic 7 ~ T.V.
Circle Jerks ~ 86'd (Good As Gone)
Lagwagon ~ Billy Club
Title Fight ~ Symmetry
Paint It Black ~ Labor Day
Good Riddance ~ One For The Braves
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ You Still Believe In Me?
Buck-O-Nine ~ Awkward Girl
Sublime ~ D.J.'s
Screeching Weasel ~ I Wanna Be A Homosexual
Descendants ~ Kabuki Girl
The Loved Ones ~ Sarah's Game
No Use For A Name ~ The Answer Is Still No
The 4-Squares ~ Leave It Behind
The Casualties ~ Punk Rock Love
From Ashes Rise ~ Reaction
The Stitches ~ King Of Camden
Social Distortion ~ Bye Bye Baby
The Bodies ~ Just A Memory
The Broadways ~ 15 Minutes
Dillinger Four ~ Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs
Fifteen ~ Evolve

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm About To Lose My Worried Mind

Artist ~ Song

Tame Impala ~ Apocolypse Dreams
The Rolling Stones ~ Ruby Tuesday
Vanilla Fudge ~ Faceless People
Blue Cheer ~ Parchment Farm
Led Zeppelin ~ Since I've Been Loving You
The Who ~ The Kids Are Alright
The Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Castles Made Of Sand
Procol Harum ~ Whiter Shade Of Pale
Blood, Sweat & Tears ~ Just One Smile
The Grateful Dead ~ New, New Minglewood Blues
Humble Pie ~ Rock and Roll Music
Caribou ~ Sundialing
TV On The Radio ~ Family Tree
The Black Keys ~ Thickfreakness
The Pack A.D. ~ Take
The White Stripes ~ I'm Bound To Pack It Up
Via Audio ~ Olga
Dungen ~ Du E För Fin För Mig
Sufjan Stevens ~ Dear Mr. Supercomputer
Spoon ~ Finer Feelings
The Decemberists ~ July, July!
Death Cab For Cutie ~ Expo '86
Pavement ~ Shoot The Singer
Tangiers ~ Keep The Living Bodies Warm
The Thermals ~ No Culture Icons
Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz ~ Samba Da Minha Terra
Stan Getz & Horace Silver ~ Mosquito Knees
Bill Holman & Mel Lewis ~ The Beat Generation
Duke Ellington ~ Willow Weep For Me
Elvin Jones ~ Harmonique
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers ~ The Freedom Rider
Bud Powell ~ Cherokee
Miles Davis & John Coltrane ~ Bye Bye Blackbird
Horace Silver ~ Song For My Father

Friday, September 27, 2013

Stand There Until You're Sober: Session 11

Artist ~ Song

NOFX ~ My Heart Is Yearning
The Clash ~ Guns Of Brixton
Sham 69 ~ Joey's In The Street
Sex Pistols ~ No Fun (Live at Chelmsford Top Security Prison)
Dead Kennedys ~ Cesspools In Eden
The Smashing Pumpkins ~ Daydream
Against Me! ~ I Still Love You Julie
Suicide Machines ~ I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
The Descendants ~ Iceman
The Thermals ~ No Culture Icons
Lagwagon ~ Today
The Bouncing Souls ~ Old School
Nirvana ~ Sliver
Mudhoney ~ Chardonnay
The Shutdowns ~ Anthem
Strung Out ~ Ice Born
Dillinger Four ~ Doublewhiskeycokenoice
Sick Of It All ~ Call To Arms
No Use For A Name ~ I Want To Be Wrong
Screeching Weasel ~ The First Day Of Winter
Western Addiction ~ Face Cancer
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ $2,400,000
The Briggs ~ Song For Us
Good Riddance ~ Black Bag Confidential
Anti-Flag ~ Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington, D.C.
Title Fight ~ Symmetry
Hot Water Music ~ Trusty Chords
Nerf Herder ~ Easy Mark
Go Betty Go ~ You're Your Worst Enemy
The Eyeliners ~ Postal
Hi-Standard ~ Stay Gold
Dananananaykroyd ~ Watch This!
The Thermals ~ Our Trip
The Bronx ~ They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)
The Ataris ~ Anderson
The 4-Squares ~ Industry
Automatic 7 ~ Had It All
The Menzingers ~ Even For An Eggshell
Snuff ~ 8
Social Distortion ~ Bye Bye Baby
The Smears ~ Crystal Meth
NOFX ~ Creeping Out Sara
The Dead Milkmen ~ I Hear Your Name
The Ramones ~ Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Circle Jerks ~ 86'd (Good As Gone)
Rancid ~ Indestructible
Teenage Bottlerocket ~ Forbidden Planet
Rich Kids On LSD ~ Hangover
The Clash ~ Straight To Hell
The Specials ~ Gangsters
The Rakes ~ Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)
Buck-O-Nine ~ Pass The Dutchie
Less Than Jake ~ Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches ~ Go Ska!
The 'Tone ~ Alright
The Vandals ~ Wanna Be Manor
Dead To Me ~ Don't Wanna
Ani DiFranco ~ Garden Of Simple

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Girl You Gotta Love Your Man

Artist ~ Song

Ben Folds Five ~ Theme From "Dr. Pyser"
Cream ~ Swlabr
Led Zeppelin ~ Out On The Tiles
Vanilla Fudge ~ Where Is Happiness
The Doors ~ Riders On The Storm
Jimi Hendrix ~ In From The Storm
Jethro Tull ~ Cat's Squirrel
King Crimson ~ Fallen Angel
Electric Light Orchestra ~ Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Grand Funk ~ I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home
Joni Mitchell ~ Carey
Elton John ~ The Cage
Thin Lizzy ~ Cowboy Song
The Alan Parsons Project ~ Sirius
             ~ Eye In The Sky
Godly & Creme ~ I Pity Inanimate Objects
Crack The Sky ~ Animal Skins
Neil Young ~ Goin' Back
Caribou ~ Sandy
TV On The Radio ~ Wolf Like Me
Radiohead ~ I Might Be Wrong
The White Stripes ~ The Hardest Button To Button
Pity Sex ~ Wind-Up
The Thermals ~ Back To Gray
Grizzly Bear ~ I Live With You
The Decemberists ~ We Both Go Down Together
Beirut ~ Cherbourg
Feist ~ The Water
Miles Davis ~ Flamenco Sketches
Lee Morgan & Hank Mobley ~ Nostalgia
Thelonious Monk ~ Off Minor
Wynton Kelly ~ Ill Wind

Friday, September 20, 2013

Stand There Until You're Sober: Session 10

Artist ~ Song

The Dead Milkmen ~ Bitchin' Camaro
The Ramones ~ Glad To See You Go
Sham 69 ~ Money
The Clash ~ Clampdown
Half Japanese ~ Elevator Boy
The Damned ~ Radio (Over You)
Dead Kennedys ~ Life Sentence
The Business ~ One Common Voice
NOFX ~ I Gotta Pee
          ~ Fuck The Kids
Suicidal Tendencies ~ Gotta Kill Captain Stupid
Caesars ~ You're My Favorite
Lagwagon ~ Infectious
Western Addiction ~ The Church Of Black Flag
Descendants ~ Green
Green Day ~ 80
Less Than Jake ~ Sugar In Your Gas Tank
The Flatliners ~ Gullible
Reel Big Fish ~ Drinkin'
Swingin' Utters ~ Little Creeps
The Aquabats ~ Plastic Lips!
The Bodies ~ Pity
The Queers ~ Little Rich Working Class Oi-Boy
Dillinger Four ~ Doublewhiskycokenoice
No Use For A Name ~ Secret
Black Flag ~ My War
Brand New ~ Seventy Times Seven
Bomb The Music Industry! ~ $2,400,000
None More Black ~ Zero Tolerance Drum Policy
The Big F ~ Gone Ancient
Bikini Kill ~ Rebel Girl
The Eyeliners ~ Secret Spy
The Applicators ~ She Smells Like Me
Siouxsie And The Banshees ~ Pointing Bone
Patti Smith Group ~ So You Want To Be (A Rock 'N' Roll Star)
The Clash ~ Police On My Back
Nomeansno ~ The Day Everything Became Nothing
           ~ Dead Souls
Spongehead ~ No Picnic
Dead Kennedys ~ I Fought The Law
Vampire Lezbos ~ Terminal Smile
The Undead ~ In Eighty-Four
The Hard-Ons ~ Something About You
Descendants ~ Clean Sheets
The Shaved Pigs ~ Choking On Vomit
Violent Femmes ~ Country Death Song
The Ramones ~ I'm Affected
Less Than Jake ~ Mixology Of Tom Collins
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches ~ Go Ska!
The Specials ~ Concrete Jungle
The Maytals ~ Pressure Drop